ELDOA™ 1 & 2 Certification Course

The course discusses The Most Frequently Used ELDOA ™Postures of the Spine. The history of the ELDOA™ according to Guy VOYER DO, and the Historical Synopsis of the ELDOA™ are also discussion topics. The remainder of the course, Kapandji spine biomechanics and descriptive anatomy are taught. Students learn the ELDOA™ postures of the spine from the level of L5-S1 to C2-C3 and the Factors of Progression are introduced.

eldoa 3

ELDOA™ 3 Certification Course

The focus of ELDOA 3 is the Peripheral Joints (Ribcage and Sternum, Shoulder Girdle and Hips). Descriptive anatomy and Kapandji biomechanics are reviewed and kinesiology laws will be discussed. The ELDOA postures taught in the course include the ELDOA postures for the hip, the shoulder – all parts – and the ELDOA postures for the ribs and sternum.