Jillian Keeler
LAT/ATC, SFMA, TPI Certified Fitness Level 2, Certified Level 4 ELDOA Trainer

Axiality Trainer

Brief info

ELDOA Level 1-4 Certified
TPI Fitness 2 Certified

Jillian is originally from Davidson, North Carolina and is a Tarheel who graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in athletic training in 2010. She then worked as an intern athletic trainer at the United States Naval Academy before pursuing a Masters degree in Exercise Science from Auburn University. Throughout her career thus far, Jillian has worked with a variety of patient populations – including college athletes bound for professional leagues, competitive Crossfit games athletes, youth and adolescent athletes finding their passion for sports, elderly populations seeking to gain mobility and strength for improved quality of life, and so much more.


Shortly after moving to Nashville in 2014, she developed low back pain and tried a range of therapeutic strategies. After multiple years of physical therapy, injections and a surgery, it was decided the source of her pain was coming from her hip. Unfortunately, even after a hip specific surgery, her back pain had still not resolved. As Jillian continued to live with her chronic pain, she sought additional certifications to supplement her sport rehabilitation and performance enhancement knowledge. It was at the Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Certification in 2019 that a colleague started to talk to Jillian about her low back pain and referred her to an ELDOA practitioner. Practicing ELDOA has helped Jillian to return to activities she enjoys, while the success inspired her to continue to learn the ELDOA method and study the work of Dr. Guy VOYER.


The combination of her sports medicine background, certifications with TPI, and the ELDOA education allows Jillian to help clients of all ages and activity levels reach their goals; whether it be pain relief, increasing mobility, or performing better in competition.