Private ELDOA Session

What is ELDOA™?

ELDOA™ is a French acronym for global exercises that use myofascial tensioning, precise postures, and proprioceptive neuromuscular feedback to target a specific joint region to promote decompression, tissue repair, and hydration/lubrication in the joint.  ELDOA™ was created by Dr. Guy VOYER, a French MD and Orthopedic over 20 years ago in Europe. This therapeutic method can help your body recover from sports, trauma, desk jobs, the demands of gravity and daily life. Most people report feeling more energy, less pain, less muscular tightness, and feeling taller after their first ELDOA FIT class or one-on-one ELDOA session.

Some of the benefits of ELDOA™:

  • Postural normalization 
  • Pain reduction
  • Spine and joint decompression and rehydration
  • Better circulation
  • Faster sports recovery
  • Increased muscle tone, strength and endurance
  • Improved balance, stability, mobility, and flexibility
  • Improved core function and brain function
  • Overall improved sense of well-being