What is ELDOA™?

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eldoa 1 and 2

ELDOA™ 3 Certification Course

The focus of ELDOA 3 is the Peripheral Joints (Ribcage and Sternum, Shoulder Girdle and Hips). Descriptive anatomy and Kapandji biomechanics are reviewed and cinesiology laws will be discussed. The ELDOA postures taught in the course include the ELDOA postures for the hip, the shoulder – all parts – and the ELDOA postures for the ribs and sternum.

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4-week ELDOA™ FIT Class Series

New Dates in April/May 2020

This will be a great introduction to ELDOA™! This series has been designed in a specific, progressive format allowing you to experience these amazing postural exercises at the beginner, intermediate, and more advanced levels.

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Angela Dempsey

Founder, Lead ELDOA Trainer

Angela Dempsey is a Certified, Level 4 ELDOA Trainer. She began learning ELDOA after a car accident left her with a concussion, whiplash, and debilitating headaches. After a few months of practicing the precise, postural exercises of ELDOA, she saw her posture improve, her headaches stop, her need for pain medicine vanish, and her journey towards healing truly begin. Today she can be found teaching ELDOA to people living in the Nashville area. Angela’s core motivation is to encourage others in their own journeys towards better health and wellness.